# Changelog

# v2.20.0

  • Major improvements for My Computer
  • You can now browse location to save file
  • You can download the file (web version only)
  • You can now create folders and text documents on desktop
  • Added language support for: Japanese
  • Added several Online games

# v2.19.0

  • Added new theme: Windows 3.1
  • Added language support for: French
  • BSOD is now theme-compliant

# v2.18.0

  • Added Run
  • Added Task Manager
  • Added Taskbar properties

# v2.17.0

  • Added WordPad
  • Added language support for: Thai

# v2.16.0

  • Added BIOS setup
  • Boot animation, logon screen can now be changed via BIOS
  • Shutdown screen is now associated with account's theme

# v2.15.0

  • Added Sound Recorder
  • Added new theme: Windows 95
  • Improved Windows 11 start menu

# v2.14.0

  • Added Sticky Notes
  • Added Camera
  • My Computer can now open audio and video files from Android.

# v2.13.0

  • Added Screensaver
  • Added new gadget: Battery
  • Improved window's behavior (added active state, removed resizing frame, fixed several bugs)
  • Fixed some issues with Windows Media Player

# v2.12.0

  • You can now pin programs to taskbar.
  • Added new game: Solitaire
  • Added new CMD commands: shutdown, start, color

# v2.11.0

  • Added new theme: Windows 11
  • You can now zoom the display for a better experience
  • You can now switch the launcher directly from Control Panel

# v2.11.1

  • Home/launcher setting is disabled from the app due to instability.

# v2.10.0

  • You can now use the simulator as a home/launcher app (beta)
  • Added new theme: Windows 2000
  • Added right click menu for Start Menu programs
  • Added easter egg: Chrome dino game
  • Added easter egg: bring Control Panel to desktop

# v2.9.0

  • Added option to create desktop shortcuts
  • Added new gadget: Weather
  • Added more BSOD triggers

# v2.8.0

  • Added Chrome
  • Added new game: Classic Tetris
  • Added new gadget: Currency

# v2.7.0

  • Added language support for: Spanish
  • Desktop background is now customizable
  • My Computer can now access files from Android (photos, text)
  • Addressed the issue with IE unable to access the internet

# v2.6.0

  • Added Windows Gadgets: Clock, Calendar
  • Improved Taskbar's Calendar
  • Improved Desktop Menu interface
  • Optimized app's launch time

# v2.5.0

  • Added Mouse
  • Fixed battery missing from taskbar

# v2.4.0

  • Added Purble Shop

# v2.3

  • Added language support for: German, Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese
    • The display language is automatically selected based on device's language.

# v2.3.1

  • Added language support for: Turkish, Polish and Ukrainian
  • Fixed theme not persisting on Guest account
  • Fixed Comfy Cakes being displayed (the game is still in development)

# v2.3.2

  • Added new theme: Windows Vista
  • Fixed display scaling issue on different screen sizes

# v2.3.3

  • Fixed issue with Windows Media Player

# v2.2

  • Added Paint
  • Added an account creation option

# v2.1

  • Screen orientation is locked to landscape to provide the best experience and reduce display issues on different screen sizes.
  • Text files, screen captures can now be saved
  • Notepad settings are sync with user account
  • Added new theme: Windows XP
  • Added Shutdown screen

# v2.0

  • Added online user accounts
    • Create and log on/off with user account
    • Sync your settings, themes and more
    • Manage your account in Control Panel
  • Added new themes
    • Windows 8 with the unique Start Screen
    • Windows 8.1, Windows 10 with the brand new looks

# v1.2

  • Added Minesweeper
  • Added Purble Place (Purble Pairs)
  • Selected theme is now cached
  • Screen orientation is locked to portrait to prevent unexpected behavior

# v1.2.1

  • Adjusted the size of UI elements
  • Fixed and enhanced Internet Explorer
  • Allow screen orientation (excluding Games which will remain locked for the best experience)

# v1.2.2

  • Addressed the black screen issue on Android 6.0 and earlier

# v1.1

  • Added Command Prompt
  • Added Control Panel
  • Added Shutdown + Restart options

# v1.0

First release with the basic Windows GUI and functionalities:

  • Interactive desktop, windows, start menu, taskbar
  • Personalization
  • Calculator
  • Internet Explorer
  • Notepad
  • Snipping Tool
  • Media Player