# 🙋‍♂️ About Me

Howdy, glad to see that you are interested to know about me. I am a full-time software developer and a free-time app maker. I love all sorts of web technologies and visual-related stuff. I tend to spend all of my free time exploring and playing around with those things by making a lot of, probably silly, of-no-use apps, apps that are meant for entertainment, or simply to satisfy my hobby.

I am not good at math and problem solving, or positively speaking, just decent. I cannot build complex programs or software that appears to be useful to mankind, so I took the route that fits me best: to build apps for entertainment. If you would like, follow me on my journey to contribute to the world in my own way.

Tools I use:

# Visnalize

Visnalize is Visualize with the letter u upside down, my brand name of choice. If you have read above, you should see the reason why I pick this name.

I shamelessly created the logo using MS Paint and eventually on Figma.

# Contact

I am not actively available via direct messaging or chat apps like Discord, WhatsApp etc. You can reach me via email at [email protected] or with a little help from the form below:

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