# Frequently Asked Questions


This page is updated regularly in accordance with the user's queries from all sources (emails, Play Store reviews, YouTube comments). Please check back to this before asking any question as the question will not be responded if it's already included here.

Last Updated: 6/1/2024, 6:49:33 AM

# 1. Simulator features

# Can I install exe files/Windows programs on this?

No. This is just a simulator. It does not have the necessary infrastructure to run those programs.

# Can you implement the mouse control in the same way as the Win98 Simulator?

No. This simulator uses a different technology approach from the Win98 Simulator, therefore it's not feasible to implement the same.

# IE and Chrome cannot connect to the internet. Can you fix them?

Please keep in mind that this is just a simulator. Web browser functionalities are very limited and are unstable. I'm afraid this is as far I can get to implement them.

# IE and Chrome are too slow. Can you fix them?

No. Please see above.

# IE and Chrome cannot download files/programs. Can you fix them?

No. Please see above.

# Can you add Microsoft Office?

Yes. However, the priority is low and your expectation might not be met. Please keep in mind this is still just a simulator.

# Can you add this feature, that feature and more features?

Yes. If the feature is not rejected above. You can comment your request below in the comment section or write to me at [email protected].

# Can I use this simulator as a launcher/home screen?

No. Due to the its nature, this simulator is not designed to be used as a launcher/home screen.

# Does this simulator work offline?

Yes. However, certain features such as user accounts, some games and browsers will not work as they require internet connection to connect with the servers.

# 2. How to use

# How do I create a user account?

You can create your own account with username and password (please refer this video tutorial (opens new window)), or you can use your social accounts (Google, Github etc.) to login without having to create one.

# I don't know the password. How do I login?

You can either click on the suitcase to login with the Guest account, or create your own account (see above) and use it to login.

# I have forgotten my password. How to recover it?

Unfortunately, account recovery is not supported at the moment. Please create a new account if you have forgotten your password.

# How do I open the desktop menu?

To open the desktop menu or any context menu, simply hold your finger for a second (video tutorial (opens new window)).

# How do I bring programs/apps to desktop?

There are currently 2 ways:

  • From the Start Menu, hold your finger on the programs/apps you want to add, a context menu should appear, then select "Send to Desktop".
  • From the desktop, you can refer to this video tutorial (opens new window).

# 3. Miscellaneous

# Can you remove the ads?

No, I'm afraid. A lot of time and effort have been spent to develop and maintain this simulator, it even costs me a fair amount of money to maintain the cloud services to retain your user accounts and settings within. However, there is a small monthly subscription plan available with to which you can subscribe, to enjoy the app ad-free and support me to keep improving it and bring you more cool features. For the web version, you can disable the ads by becoming a patron on Patreon (opens new window) at the same price.

# Can this simulator work on Android versions earlier than 6.0?

No, I'm afraid. And there is no way to support Android versions older than 6.0 due to certain technical limitations that cannot be resolved.

# The simulator only shows a black screen on my device. What should I do?

Please make sure you have the latest version of Android WebView (opens new window) installed. It is an important piece that allows Win7 Simu to operate normally on your device. If that didn't solve the problem, please use the web version (opens new window) instead.

# My games/apps are not showing in the Start Menu. What's the problem?

This happens on devices with Android 12 or later. Unfortunately, from Android 12+, Google restricts access to the packages (games, apps, etc.) on user devices. There's nothing that can be done about it (see this version changelog).

# File Explorer does not show files on my device. What's the problem?

Due to Google Play's policy, from Android 11 onwards, apps are restricted from accessing files on user devices. There's nothing that can be done about it (for more context, see this post (opens new window)).

# Any plan to publish this simulator to App Store?

No, I'm afraid. It's unlikely that this simulator will be published to App Store due to Apple's strict policies. However, you can still use the web version (opens new window) or even "install (opens new window)" it on your iOS device.

# I found a bug in the simulator. How do I report it?

To help facilitate the bug smashing process, I only look into bug reports that are submitted via email, from Github issues board (opens new window) or through the simulator itself. You can find a "Report bugs" option in the About app to report bugs through the simulator. Please include as much detail as possible that would help reproduce the bug.

Last Updated: 6/1/2024, 6:49:33 AM