# Brick 1100

Brick 1100 is a simulation of the Nokia 1100 mobile phone, the best-selling mobile phone of all time worldwide. The simulation aims to bring the users back to the simpler time with the fundamental graphics and features from one of the most durable phones produced by Nokia (opens new window), a Finnish based firm.

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# Interesting facts and history

Nokia 1100 was announced on August 27, 2003. Since then, over 250 million units have been sold in the world and the phone is still, up to this day, taking the lead as the world's best-selling phone. Despite the presence of other modern products at the time, it was able to achieve such popularity thanks to it being among the cheapest mobile phones available in the market, primarily targeting developing countries where it provides just enough features to fulfill the needs.

Aside from being the best-selling phone, it is also the world's best-selling electronic consumer goods, meaning not only phones but no other television, computer, game console or any electronic device has sold more units than the Nokia 1100. It is also known for having a solid battery that could last up to 400 hours in standby mode, and a flashlight that is said to be widely used to light up the dark spots in the small regions of those developing countries.

# Why Brick 1100?

Well, you should have guessed, Nokia is well-known for producing the most durable phones and this 1100 is no exception, if you throw it against the wall, all you have to do is pick it up and put back the battery in place and it will work again just fine. That should describe how tough it is, just like a brick, and hence the name (also to avoid the copyrighted trademark of Nokia).

# Features

As a simulator of Nokia 1100, it attempts to simulate every aspect of the phone, from the keypad control, graphics, sound effects to some of the familiar features such as the iconic Snake game, flashlight, reminders, calculator, etc. Additionally, a few twists are added to make it more unique and fun to play with.


Refer to Changelog for a complete list of available features through versions.

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